Warwick Acoustics

The history behind Warwick Acoustics is fascinating. When Sony and Philips proposed SACD as the next generation music format, it represented an entirely new way of digitally encoding music called Direct Stream Digital, or DSD. While there was a handful of two-channel DSD recorders in existence that Sony had built at its R & D labs in Japan, the recording and editing systems were not available to produce finished, releasable masters.

To solve this problem, the launch team for SACD in the United States recruited the brightest professional audio and software engineers it could find and assembled them in a ‘skunk works’ in San Francisco. In less than two years, this team created the world’s first DSD recording and editing system. Due to its northern Californian roots, they dubbed it the Sonoma Workstation.

This same Warwick Acoustics team conceived of the Model One headphone system as a truly new technology supporting the audio performance required by modern digital and vinyl reproduction. 

When we first heard the Model One we were astounded by its flexibility, innovation and astounding audio quality. The Warwick Acoustics team brings together world-leading technical understanding with an abiding love of music. More than a single product or technology, Warwick stands for the pursuit of uncompromising audio quality in all  its forms: a dedication we share at Padood.

Sonoma Model One

The revolutionary Sonoma M1 Headphone System has been optimized for today’s vinyl and high resolution digital formats. It is a complete system of a DAC/energiser and headphones. Every aspect of the system has been designed to deliver unparalleled levels of performance and sound quality.

It is the first headphone to use a High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate Transducer (HPEL) developed by Warwick Audio Technologies Ltd. This patented technology ushers in a new paradigm in electrostatic transducers offering all of the benefits of traditional electrostatics, but manufactured with unprecedented consistency and matching between transducers.

In addition to analogue inputs, USB and coaxial digital inputs drive a top tier ESS DAC configuration offering world-class signal-to-noise and overall audio quality from digital sources. The drive circuitry itself is implemented as a discrete, single-ended FET Class-A amplifier with exceptional quality audio components. It provides a high-performance, wide-bandwidth, very low distortion final drive stage, optimally matched to the HPELs.

With a lightweight magnesium body and handmade Cabrette sheepskin ear-pads, the headphones are beautiful, exquisitely engineered and exceptionally comfortable for long-term listening. Meanwhile, a precision CNC-machined, solid aluminum case not only creates a beautiful housing, but provides outstanding isolation from external interference sources.

More information: https://warwickacoustics.com/headphones/collection/sonoma-one-headphone-system/