Siltech is synonymous with craftmanship and the ultimate in audio quality.

They are renowned around the world as the industry leaders in audio research, product prototyping, product design and unbiased measuring.Their early belief that cable technology should be treated as an exact science has vastly contributed to their global success over the past 35 years in the high-end cable market.

Siltech was one of the first companies to recognise that cables have the capability to add to, hold back or even blur some of the most essential details of your favourite music.

The engineering team is led by Edwin Rijnveld, CEO of Dutch-based International Audio Holding. Edwin worked very hard to design a product that is capable of accurately reproducing music without any addition (or loss) in the signal. Siltech’s unique technology preserves and protects even the smallest shift, at both ends of the dynamic range. The team are constantly investing in the best materials, the latest tools and the most accurate measurement technology available on the planet to ensure the company continues to lead the way in the cable industry.

Today, Siltech cables (and recently their amplifiers as well) are widely respected as the industry benchmark owing to their vast experience, accumulated knowledge and perhaps, above all, their drive to innovate and continue to learn their craft.


Explorer series

Siltech – the name says it all. For years their products have been synonymous with silver conductor technology, prized for its incredible performance and longevity. But that quality costs. After extensive research and long-term testing they have finally found a way of producing an extremely pure, 6N mono crystal copper, with superior conductivity and without the contaminants that de-grade cable performance over time. Combining this revolutionary metallurgy with their proven, twisted twin co-axial, self-shielding, low-loss construction and unique twin-layer Kapton/Teflon insulation they have created the Explorer Series, cables that deliver genuine Siltech quality at a more affordable price, together with superb protection from mechanical, RF and EM interference. Built in The Netherlands to the same exacting standards as all Siltech products, using dedicated Siltech terminations, the result is a comprehensive cable family, with three levels of interconnect, two speaker cables, USB, FireWire and a power cord to meet every system requirement.

Siltech’s signature low-distortion sound is instantly recognizable, and the Explore Series doesn’t disappoint, delivering the superb dimensionality, staging, low colouration, high resolution, accurate harmonics and realistic musical expression that audiophiles have come to depend on. When Siltech does copper, you know that it is no ordinary copper – and the Explorer Series delivers no ordinary performance.

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Classic Anniversary series

The Classic Anniversary Series™ was developed to commemorate 25 years of high-end audio cables from Siltech®. Built on the foundation of the legendary Siltech® Classic Series™, cutting-edge research into electro magnetic interference effects, has been combined with precision micro-engineering to create the quietest Classic cables ever made – 10,000 times quieter than the competition! By adding G7 silver-gold alloy conductors to this refined twisted-twin co-axial construction, they are able to further reduce low-level signal distortion, raising musical performance to a whole new level.

Their audio systems exist in an increasingly hostile environment, under attack from ever more RF pollution, wireless devices, mobile-phones and computers. Yet Classic Anniversary delivers improved musical performance, its silent background and low-distortion delivering music rich with detail and dimensionality, accurate tonal colour and weight, lightning fast transient response and sudden shifts in dynamic range. With four levels of interconnect, three speaker cables and two power cords, as well as a full suite of dedicated digital cables, there’s a Classic Anniversary cable for every requirement, their accurate, low-loss performance ready to reveal what’s being hidden by your system as well as what’s hidden in your recordings.

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Royal Signature series

The Royal Signature Series high-end cables embody every last ounce of Siltech’s knowledge and technology. The twisted twin co-axial construction used in the Classic Anniversary and Explorer series delivers a perfect balance of performance, price and practicality, its elegant self-shielding topology eliminating both unnecessary elements and the performance compromises that go with them.

But once performance becomes paramount, the rules change. An external, circumferential shield can produce even better results – but only if you can space it far enough away from the conductors. Thick and stiff external insulation imparts added mechanical isolation. That means cables that are heavy and less flexible, but once heard we think you’ll agree, that’s a small price to pay given the performance on offer.

Those substantial casings contain their latest G7 silver/gold alloy or, in the Crown Series cables, their revolutionary (and incredibly costly) S8 silver mono-crystal conductors, combined with advanced insulation materials and precision manufacturing techniques to create a genuinely state-of-the-art family of eight interconnects, five speaker cables, three power cords and no fewer than eight digital cables, including USB and FireWire. Breathtakingly accurate and musically involving, the Royal Signature Series are the best cables that Siltech can make: in a world of uncertainty, history suggests that that makes them the best cables you can buy.

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Triple Crown series

Siltech’s mono-crystal silver conductors already deliver the highest resolution, lowest loss audio signal path. But alongside new levels of musicalnuance, detail and definition, their astonishing accuracy also reveals the shortcomings in other aspects of cable construction, residual levels of micro-distortion and other error mechanisms that have been masked until now. Using the latest advances in audio measurement techniques, it became clear that to eliminate all distortion and minimize all induced errors would require the mechanical and electrical optimization of the signal transmission path as a whole, including not just the cable but the connectors as well. It would require a completely new construction, new levels of geometrical and conductive consistency. It would demand a complete rethink…

The result is Triple Crown – a cable with a revolutionary new construction and revolutionary new connectors that revolutionizes the musical accuracy of audio cables in the high-end audio market.

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SAGA, high-end amplifier

A new paradigm for audio amplification

It’s not every day you see a step-change in performance, especially when that performance is in a highly developed field. Yet that is exactly what the Siltech SAGA amplification system represents. How can a company best known for high-res cables produce a genuinely revolutionary high-end amplifier? Actually – that’s the secret. With cables you are dealing with the tiniest signals and musical details: it teaches you respect for system resolution and that concern is behind the concept of the SAGA system.

The C1 is a high-quality, ultra low-noise line-stage/control unit. It is unique in combining batteries with vacuum tubes, with even the filament and HT supplies derived from the on-board battery power supply, with only a small trickle charger connecting the C1 to the AC supply. Its minimalist circuit and carefully engineered chassis are designed to maintain signal quality and dynamic range, adding mechanical isolation and minimum interference to the task of providing the perfect noise-free feed for the SAGA V1 and P1 amplification. Premium components are used throughout, while the point to point wiring is (naturally) the best available, Siltech’s proprietary mono-crystal silver.

Unlike conventional amplifiers, the SAGA system separates the voltage and current gain stages. This offers multiple benefits, allowing the use of tubes and batteries to maintain low noise performance and dynamic range, while isolating this critical function from noisy AC circuitry. The revolutionary Apollo Light Drive provides a clean, high-current DC supply in the P1, delivering dynamic shadings and swings that are almost literally lightning fast, helped by the same superb component and mono-crystal silver internal wiring found in the C1. Although the V1 and P1 can only be used as a pair, one additional benefit is that a single V1 can be used to drive a pair of P1 stereo amplifiers, allowing for high-powered, bi-amplified system solutions. 

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Power Blocks

The Siltech Octopus Signature Eight is a highend power block consisting of 1 high current input socket and 8 precision outlets.
It is designed and tested to be free of magnetic distortion. There are three available options:

-        Octopus Signature Eight Copper; pure OFSPC copper wired

-        Octopus Signature Eight Silver-Gold; pure G7 silver-gold wired

-        Octopus Signature Eight Double Crown (Mono X-tal Silver); pure mono-crystal wired

Available output options: AC-UK, AC-US and AC-EUR.