Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Plinius was founded in 1980 by Peter Thomson with an initial focus on amplifiers. Since then, the business has enjoyed well-deserved success and now offers a full range of audio products, with an excellent reputation for high fidelity sound, elegant design, ingenious circuitry and bulletproof construction. 

Their team of young designers brings energy and cutting-edge engineering practices to the simple goal of providing the most realistic reproduction of live music in your home. At their impressive facility in Christchurch, all aspects of research, design and production work collaboratively to ensure the best sound, ease-of-use, value and reliability.

Brian Willoughby and his whole team at Plinius are completely dedicated to providing the very best audio reproduction, and their energy and enthusiasm shines out through their products.  

From their reference amplifiers—renowned for their beautiful sound and ability to drive any loudspeaker—to their outstanding streaming solutions, we felt that Plinius was an outstanding brand to offer our customers and we are proud that they asked us to represent them.


SA-Reference Power Amplifier

The award winning SA Reference amplifier paints a seamless sonic picture from the most tuneful and accurate bass to a sweet, extended top end. Designed to work as either a monoblock, or a stereo amplifier. 

As a bridged monoblock the SA-Reference will exceed 1kW of pure balanced amplification, with class A operation maintained to over 100 watts. They are truly a masterpiece of design and they display the very best craftsmanship in their build quality.

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“Combining as it does brute-force power, world-class finesse, superb build quality, and a genuine and engaging musicality, the Plinius SA-Reference is one hell of an amplifier. 
I recommend the SA-Reference with unabashed enthusiasm.”
“There are many great high-end pre/powers that cost less, but none comes close to matching this pairing for clarity, dynamics and insight.
… it's the way this set-up combines force with finesse that really impresses.”
What Hi-Fi


YG Acoustics Carmel 2

SA-103 Power Amplifier

The Plinius SA-103 stereo amplifier is a Class A amplifier capable of delivering up to 125 watts per channel in both Class A and Class AB mode. Bridged Mono RCA and Balanced Mono XLR circuits used in the SA103 allow Monoblock operation delivering in excess of 400 watts.

With responsiveness and control they faithfully support your speakers as they seek to replicate the original artist's efforts for your listening pleasure.

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“…never had I heard from them such depth, slam, articulation, and texture in the bass.
In terms of soundstaging, the Plinius SA-103 proved to be one of the best solid-state amplifiers I've heard.
The Plinius SA-103 offers a natural, neutral tonal balance, just the right amount of musicality, superb bass performance, plenty of current to drive the most piggish speakers, functional and tasteful design.”
YG Acoustics Hailey

SB-301 Power Amplifier

For the technically minded the SB-301 is a Class AB two channel amplifier that delivers over 300 watts per channel at 8 ohms.

For the not so technically minded that means it's a really good stable amplifier unit when the speakers demand a lot of power to drive bass without distortion or treble with detail and finesse and it will cope with inefficient speakers.

This amplifier delivers all the dynamics, finesse and transparency that Plinius is renowned for.

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“I’ll cut to the chase. The SB-301 is the best amplifier I’ve reviewed to date. Hugely powerful yet lithe and graceful, it’s like Godzilla in Capezios. It launches dynamics that you thought your speakers weren’t capable of.”
The Absolute Sound



YG Acoustics Sonja 1.3

Kiokio Power Amplifier

Based on the SB-301 the Kiokio was originally designed for 19U rack installation for the ultimate in multi-channel and studio sound systems. Reliability is the key for professional installers that have to service their installations so this unit meets their needs wonderfully.

With the same outstanding audio performance as the SB-301, it is equally at home in home stereo, AV and studio applications.

Of course it's a Plinius product so it looks good too and sometimes it's a shame to see it hidden in a rack. Its modern slim line design graces any audio system cabinet when used for dedicated two channel audio.

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“The amp communicates natural voices with real presence, detailed three-dimensionality and soundstage and, from the best recordings, every last detail... amazing!
What I found astounding is the way it creates a wide and deep soundstage while at the same time it lets you pick out each individual thread, recreating the sound amazingly harmoniously without losing any micro-information and without adding anything to the musical message.”
Re:Music, Spark in the Dark award


Boulder 800 Series

Hiato Integrated Amplifier

With 300 watts per channel the Hiato integrated stereo amplifier is a serious piece of equipment capable of driving big, difficult to drive speakers. It masters complex musical pieces that many dedicated power amps struggle with to give you spine tingling detail in the treble and control over the bass and midrange that is a pure delight.

If you are looking for an integrated amplifier solution in your music system but you don't want to sacrifice the benefits that true, well controlled power can bring then this amplifier is for you.

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“Musical textures increased in complexity to the degree that I began to forget the overall chain of electronics. I became involved in a more basic elemental way.
The Plinius Hiato is an audacious force to reckon with. Under the proper circumstances—paired with an exceptional loudspeaker and source components—only a handful of competitors can challenge it. While the last word has yet to be spoken in this segment, the Hiato needn’t worry, at least for now. This is benchmark performance that speaks volumes.”
The Absolute Sound
“…the Hiato is a staggering integrated amplifier. It stands toe-to-toe with the best pre/powers at the money and is good enough to knock most of them out with its combination of build, dynamics and timing.”
What Hi-Fi

Hautonga Integrated Amplifier

The versatile Hautonga is a perfectly equipped and well balanced piece that derives from preceding development in earlier Plinius integrated amplifiers. The aesthetic is the distinctive Plinius rounded front and it is available in silver or black anodised finish.

Taking integrated refinement to a new level, the Hautonga is an amplifier that has set new standards for performance, ease of use and reliability.

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“While the Hautonga can really rock out when required, what makes it a top performer is the level of resolution and inner detail it provides. 
…the Plinius Hautonga is such a stellar performer in so many ways, we are all in agreement that it is highly deserving of one of our Exceptional Value Awards…”
The Absolute Sound

Inspire 880 & 980 Integrated Amplifiers

The 80 watt per channel Inspire 880 and 980 have the versatility to directly connect up almost any source from a CD player, your personal computer, your AV source or turntable. The Inspire 980 adds the further feature of networking capability via wired or wireless Ethernet and this allows you to directly access your music library stored on a networked drive.

The Inspire amplifiers are a great way to bring your listening experience, from almost any source, into the world of real high fidelity.

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“…the Plinius sounds neutrally voiced, with little glare, grain, or stridency.
The soundstage portrayed—front-to-back layering, perceived width, and extension beyond the speakers—also proves excellent.
Whatever your taste, the Plinius Inspire 980 is a fantastic bargain, especially for those utilizing both digital and analog sources.”
Inspire 980, The Absolute Sound
Boulder 1000 Series

Kaitaki Preamplifier

Designed to support even the finest power amplifiers, the Kaitaki preamplifier has a comprehensive array of inputs and outputs. The optional adjustable phono stage model allows enjoyment of vinyl at a sophisticated level without the need to purchase a specialised phono preamplifier.

The electronics topography employs the latest design innovations to ensure absolute signal integrity, and a power supply with extremely low impedance allows the audio circuitry to deliver its best.

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Koru Phono Preamplifier

The Koru is one of the finest phono preamplifiers in the world. Presented in the Ross Stevens inspired curved chassis, with a slight twist: the chassis is actually two-in-one, allowing physical separation of the power supply from the amplification circuitry.

The power supply boasts a virtual battery approach with over 100,000 micro farads of capacitance and very sophisticated two stage regulation. This ensures the lowest impedance and consequently extreme accuracy of power delivery to the amplification stages.

The amplification and equalisation uses the latest components ensuring accuracy and longevity. Low output moving coil cartridges as well as higher output moving magnet types can be used and there is a full range of user adjustments available on the rear panel.

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“Is the Koru right for you? For those seeking a great phonostage as a partner for their turntable, do yourself a favor and put the Plinius Koru on your audition list. It offers fantastic sound, durablility, and a great brand behind it—now just to find a wine to pair with it.”
Tone Audio

Tiki Digital Network Player

Whether you have a dedicated audio network at home, or choose to store your music on a storage platform on your computer network, the Tiki is right at home playing your stored digital music and giving you hours of enjoyment with it.

The Tiki is a dedicated network audio player. DLNA compatibility ensures that you can connect the Tiki into your existing Ethernet network and be confident that it will communicate with your other DLNA compatible components.

With distinctive styling, benchmark build quality and stunning sound the Tiki is a great addition to the other traditional components in your music system.

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“The Tiki provides wonderful soundstage width and depth, with a tonal balance that is as natural as we have experienced from even more expensive digital players.
The Tiki works exactly as advertised and sounds superb. If a “set it and forget it” digital source component floats your boat, your ship has come in.”
Tone Audio

Toko Digital Audio Player

The Toko digital audio player is equally at home with a conventional CD in its slot loaded transport or when connected to an Ethernet network, you can connect the Toko to your other DLNA compatible components, for example a PC.

The quality CD slot loading transport used on the Toko is the same as that used in the Mauri CD player. When a CD is in the slot the Toko acts as a CD player and when it is ejected the Toko reverts to networked digital player mode.

With distinctive styling, benchmark build quality and stunning sound the Toko is a great addition to the other traditional components in your music system.

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Mauri CD player

One of the finest CD players available, the Mauri is an elegant design with advanced electronics within. The carefully-selected, high quality, slot loading transport reads music data with utmost integrity, feeding the Plinius designed DAC based on renowned Burr Brown components. No effort has been spared in the design and implementation of power supplies and voltage regulation.

The Mauri will faithfully convert all the detail from the digital signal on your compact discs to the analogue signal the rest of your system needs to give you pure listening pleasure.

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Arataki Network Audio Controller

The Arataki is a network controller that is an application for an iPad and is available from the iTunes store.

Designed so that the real benefits of having your music stored digitally on almost any kind of networked, wireless accessible storage device can be enjoyed with ease, the Arataki moves control of your music to your fingertips on a display that's a real joy to engage with.

Once you move into Plinius' Arataki world it's hard to imagine enjoying music any other way.

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