The legendary German firm Electrical Measuring Technology (EMT) was founded in Berlin in 1940. By 1959 EMT started its mono pick-up production focusing on the global broadcast and recording industries. 1965 saw the launch of the famous EMT TSD 15 stereo cartridge which has been used in the tens of thousands over the years in most European FM radio stations and recording studios like Abbey Road. In 2016, EMT were awarded the Technical Grammy Award presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in USA.

EMT cartridges are fantastically neutral, yet tonally rich and have a wonderfully musical sound signature. Noteworthy is that the output level is 1.0mV so that you can partner them with almost any moving coil compatible phono preamp. EMT’s famous JPA 66 phono preamp is much-loved by dedicated vinyl enthusiasts looking for the widest possible range of control.

We were honoured when EMT selected us to represent them in the UK and Ireland.

EMT Cartridges

EMT produces a wide range of cartridges spanning a broad range of prices. The JSD series is the pinnacle of their art, including the extraordinary new JSD VM and the S75 “Lady in Black”, both of which include white sapphire cantilevers, the finest materials and the very latest in technology. The TSD range offers exceptional performance value, providing an excellent level of refinement without sacrificing that great sense of dynamics, warmth and musicality.

More information: http://emt-international.ch/e/jsd_series.php

EMT Tonearms

EMT tonearms embody the same engineering expertise and meticulous construction as all of EMT’s products. They are well-known from their role in the original EMT-Broadcast turntables and are available in several versions suiting different applications. 

More information: http://emt-international.ch/e/929-997.php

JPA-66 Mk II phono & line preamp

The EMT JPA 66 preamp with integrated phono stage is the ultimate masterpiece of EMT’s hand-crafted Jubilee series. It has been carefully optimized, in actual use, with professionalism and feedback from sound engineers, music lovers and other specialists.

The JPA 66 offers an all-tube signal path from input to output, employing only dedicated audio triodes. It accepts 4 phono and 2 line-level inputs. Outputs are fully balanced and floating on XLR or single ended on RCA. Almost every type of record pressing (vintage or most up-to-date, mono or stereo) can be equalised easily, rapidly and correctly. With a vast range of adjustment, the JPA66 can be used with virtually any phono cartridge and is capable of driving nearly every tube- or transistor-power amplifier, for accurate, dynamic music reproduction. 

From the front panel of the JPA 66, the user may adjust each and every parameter, including cartridge matching and specific vinyl characteristics.

The JPA-66 is justifiably famous and each unit is meticulously hand assembled and tested. Given this, it is a special-order item with a long waiting list for production. Please contact us for information on how to order your own JPA-66 Mk II.

More information: http://emt-international.ch/e/jpa66.php