For more than twenty-five years Boulder has been building high quality audio components in Boulder, Colorado. 

With an unrivalled reputation for sound quality and construction, Boulder electronics are cherished by audiophiles all over the world. Every single component must define its category and push the limits of what is possible in audio engineering, regardless of price point.

All Boulder products are made for the reproduction of music exactly as it was performed and recorded. Boulder electronics are transparent, accurate, fast, rugged and reliable, with minimal distortion and noise, and absolutely no coloration or “sound” of their own. By designing and engineering every aspect of their equipment in-house, Boulder has set the benchmark for audio performance for over a quarter century. 
Reliability is a cornerstone and in this age of throwaway electronics, virtually every Boulder component ever shipped is still in use; indeed, most remain in the hands of their original owners. 

We have always loved the Boulder products, but ever since we met Jeff Nelson and his team we have recognised soulmates in our journey: an entire company where everyone we talked to shared the same obsessive dedication to achieving audio perfection.

Boulder 800 Series

The 800 Series benefits from much of the technology of its larger and more expensive siblings, bringing the characteristic power, transparency and delicacy of Boulder to a broader marketplace. Components include the 810 Preamplifier, the 850 Mono Power Amplifier, the 860 Stereo Power Amplifier and the 865 Integrated Amplifier.

“There's one sonic category in which the Boulders beat maybe every other amp—and certainly every solid-state amp—I've ever heard in my system: the ability to throw precise images of an instrument, a singer, or the sections of an ensemble onto a very wide, deep soundstage.
The 860 power amp was superb at capturing harmonic overtones and dynamic contrasts, at placing images precisely on a soundstage, and at illuminating that soundstage—at letting the listener peer all the way into the stage, from left to right, from front to back, from floor to ceiling.”
Stereophile (reviewing the Boulder 810/860 amplifier combination)
“It is probably the best preamplifier I know in this price range.”
Audio Activity (reviewing the Boulder 810 Preamplifier)
“Well, when you take into account the fanatical build quality and engineering, the comprehensive feature list and the conveniences of an all-in-one package as opposed to the cost of a separate preamp/amp combo and the interconnecting cables, you might start to realise the relative value offered by the 865. What's more, sonically the solid-state Boulder 865 integrated amplifier is a clean, crisp and tight performer that never strays into sterility. It delivers an image that's scarily real in terms of spatial accuracy and life-like presence and controls your speakers with an iron fist in a silver/grey glove.”
Six Moons (reviewing the Boulder 865 Integrated Amplifier)
Boulder 800 Series

Boulder 1100 Series

The 1100 Series is a range of truly high-end components from Boulder which push the limits of technology and provide class-leading accuracy, power and realism. The 1160 is the first component in this new line and offers staggering performance at this price point, incorporating many new technologies from the 2100 and 3000 series. Other components will be announced shortly. Components which continue to be available from the 1000 series include the 1008 Phono Preamplifier and 1021 Network Disc Player.

“It's a dark, distant, but spectacular recording, and I could ‘see’ into the darkest recesses of the stage, hearing not only each section of the orchestra, but the individual instruments in each, reproduced with clarity, body, texture, and harmonic integrity. It produced a thrill ride as vivid as watching Avatar in 3D IMAX.

Aural images were tightly compacted, finely drawn and sized, and notably solid, their physical boundaries cleanly rendered but free of etch and edge.”

Stereophile (reviewing the Boulder 1008 Phono Preamplifier)

“The amplifier was breathtakingly fast, bracingly clean, and harmonically pure.

I can't think of another amp, at or near this price, tube or solid-state, that I would recommend more.”

Stereophile (reviewing the Boulder 1060 Stereo Power Amplifier)

Boulder 1000 Series

Boulder 2110 Stereo Preamplifier

We believe the 2110 is one of the finest preamplifiers in the world. It is the newest line preamplifier from Boulder, replacing the original four-chassis 2010. Inside there is a new fully balanced attenuator design, with all electronics updated to surface mount technology on four-layer PC boards. The distinguished look-and-feel remains uniquely Boulder, in an updated satin metal finish. Six inputs, three outputs and extensive features make this Boulder the heart and control of your high-performance audio system.

Boulder 2110 User Manual

“Immediately apparent on first listen was the 2110's grip on the music and, especially, on the illusion of space.
A preamp, like the Boulder 2110, that specializes in carving space, 3D imaging, transient precision, and deep, tight, well-articulated bass can sound analytical and/or harmonically less than fully saturated. The Boulder suffered none of those maladies.
The Boulder 2110 was as tonally neutral and transparent a preamp as I've heard. It was also drop-dead silent—free of such unwanted artifacts as grain, glare, and hyperdefined edge.
All of the preamplifiers mentioned in this review are exceptional components that I'd happily own and consider the job done. All sit close to one another on that continuum of sound quality and each presents a seamless, coherent sonic picture that gets out of the way and lets the recording shine through. But when the Boulder 2110 left the building, it took with it its holographic grip and spatial presentation, as well as its ability to resolve fine detail—qualities that raised my system to a level none of the rest could quite manage.”
Stereophile, March 2015
Boulder 2110 Stereo Preamplifier

Boulder 2120 Digital Source

The new 2120 is a reference-level digital music source with multiple options. This component completes the system, with multiple fully modular digital input options available to tailor the 2120 to the user’s system needs and prevent obsolescence. With the very highest, no-compromise digital and analogue circuitry, the 2120 provides the best possible audio quality from all digital sources.

The 2120 is housed in four separate chassis: left analogue, right analogue, user interface and power supply. The separate power supply casework ensures optimal noise isolation. The large, full-color, 12.3-inch (31.2 cm frontal display provides complete metadata readout, selected input or customized source listing, progress bar, resolution and data rate.

The numerous features of the 2120 D/A Converter include standard traditional digital inputs, coaxial S/PDIF, balanced AES3, and Toslink (EIAJ) optical, with optional HDMI inputs. Both standard (computer) and slave (memory device) streaming USB connections are accepted and there is DLNA/UPnP via Ethernet for network streaming. Digital processing features include asynchronous digital streaming, with support for many formats, word lengths from 16 to 32 bits and sample frequencies up to 384kHz. The unit features digital volume control for direct connection to amplification. 

The 2100 system also supports function control by multiple control points on Apple- and Android-based tablets and mobile devices as well as iTunes. Album art is displayed when available and the unit allows for automatic software updating when attached to an active Internet connection. 


Boulder 2150 Mono Power Amplifier

We feel these mono power amplifiers are truly spectacular, and capable of driving any loudspeaker we know with tremendous delicacy and great power. Projecting the holographic soundstage that Boulder is famous for, they continue to amaze us with their ability to pull new heights of performance from even the best loudspeakers in the world.

The 2150 is the newest mono power amplifier from Boulder, replacing the 2050. Electronics are updated to surface mount technology on four-layer PC boards. The distinguished look-and-feel remains uniquely Boulder, in an updated satin metal finish. True balanced input buffers assure a perfect connection to your preamplifier. New improved grounding and low output impedance push speakers to perform at their highest level ever.

Boulder 2150 User Manual

“If you are willing and able to search for ultimates, then the Boulder 2150s are choices you should consider. If you want to recalibrate your idea of what a solid-state reference can sound like, then find a dealer or audiophile who can demonstrate these monoblocks.
All casework and interior chassis parts are machined from solid stock. Moreover, the 2150s are built to order in-house, and no aspect of production other than anodizing is done outside the Boulder factory.
What really counts, however, is that this one of the least- colored, best-performing amplifiers ever made… I’m convinced that the 2150 can get the best out of any real-world speaker on the market.”
The Absolute Sound, January 2015
Boulder 2150 Mono Power Amplifier

Boulder 2160 Stereo Power Amplifier

Delivering the same stellar sound quality as the 2150 monoblocks, the 2160 is a more compact, single-box solution. While offering a lower overall power level than two mono amplifiers, the 2160 is still more than capable of driving every loudspeaker we have tried. In most systems, after swapping in the 2160 it is often hard to believe you are listening to the same loudspeaker: the positive impact is so large on every aspect of the sound, from bass slam to the finest wispy detail of soundstage.

The 2160 is the newest stereo power amplifier from Boulder, replacing the 2060. Electronics are updated to surface mount technology on four-layer PC boards. The distinguished look-and-feel remains uniquely Boulder, in an updated satin metal finish. True balanced input buffers assure a perfect connection to your preamplifier. New improved grounding and low output impedance push speakers to perform at their highest level ever.

Reviews coming soon.
Boulder 2160 Stereo Power Amplifier

Boulder 3010 Preamplifier

The 3000 Series has become synonymous with the ultimate in sound quality; a level of performance reserved for only the finest audio systems in the world. But traditional thought says that the more features and functions added to a preamplifier, the more of an effect they have on sound, right?

Once again, Boulder’s engineers have proven traditional wisdom wrong and achieved something very special. The 3010 is easily the greatest preamplifier in the history of the company. It’s also the most flexible preamp Boulder have ever designed.

A truly cost-no-object design, the 3010 is as close to audio perfection as it is possible to achieve with today’s technology. While that sounds like a recipe for clinical sound, the reality is anything but that: it delivers a magical ability to recreate the sense of musical reality and every nuance of the live performance. What’s more, it will do that in almost any system with an unprecedented degree of control and flexibility.

Boulder 3010 Preamplifier User Manual

Reviews coming soon.

Boulder 3050 Mono Power Amplifiers

What can we say? This is a power amplifier for those who will accept no compromise. It is a pinnacle of design, technology and craftsmanship, bringing together a vast host of innovations and exotic manufacturing techniques. More importantly, no matter what you musical tastes, it can bring you closer to the real performance than you would have thought possible: everything from the loudest crescendo to the smallest tiny detail is perfectly reproduced in a seamless soundstage that expands in three dimensions around your loudspeakers. You have to hear it to believe it.

Boulder has been unrivalled in defying expectations and limitations for nearly 30 years. From their earliest days creating studio equipment used in the making of some of the world’s most important recordings, to now, with their ground-breaking use of UPnP technology raising the bar for streaming digital audio. At every step of the way, one fundamental objective has been consistent: the pursuit of absolute perfection in sound quality. The 3050 is our flagship amplifier and represents the very best that they can do.

Boulder 3050 User Manual

“These amplifiers deliver unbelievably tight pace and texture in the low-frequency register, regardless of volume level, again giving a feeling of being in the performance instead of just listening to it. Acoustic bass is fleshed out perfectly, with just the right amount of resonance and texture, while electric bass growls as it should.
I’m continually amazed by the new experiences these amps deliver—from the Beatles to Metallica. As Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong run through “Isn’t this a Lovely Day,” I feel as if the room’s walls are missing and the performers are walking around me as they sing.
This is not a case of paying three times as much for a miniscule increase in performance; this is a mind bender. You’ll never be the same”
Tone Audio
Boulder 3050 Mono Power Amplifier

Boulder 3060 Stereo Power Amplifier

Delivering the same stellar sound quality as the 3050 monoblocks, the 3060 is a more compact, single-box solution. While offering a lower overall power level than two mono amplifiers, the 3060 is still one of the most powerful amplifiers in the world and more than capable of driving every loudspeaker we have tried. 

While it may be the compact sibling of the 3050, the 3060 is an immensely powerful and capable amplifier. At 200 kg, its casework is cut from massive pieces of 6061-T6 aluminum; inside you will find five transformers, 120 output devices, 48 output filter capacitors. It will control every movement of your loudspeakers so as to reproduce exactly what was encoded in the recording: from the largest explosive crescendo to the tiniest, wispy detail—and everything in-between. If it was captured on the microphone it will come out of your loudspeakers the exact same way: absolutely faithful to the sound and emotion of the original. 

There are efforts that contradict conventions and redefine the idea of striving for perfection. The 3060 Class A Stereo Power Amplifier is one of these efforts: with innovative technologies, intelligent construction and an unmistakable design. 

For Boulder it is never enough to simply fill a market niche, to create a product solely for the purpose of giving someone something expensive to buy. Every single Boulder must define its category and push the limits of what is possible in audio engineering, regardless of the price. 

Boulder 3060 User Manual

Reviews coming soon.
Boulder 3060 Stereo Power Amplifier