“Purity meets Performance“ - this is the formula which has resulted in Avantgarde Acoustic™ becoming the reference benchmark for horn loudspeakers.

Purity - a functional design which arises imperatively from its application. Bionically formulated technology, geared to the funnel shaped physics of the human ear, allow the most ingenious principles of sound transduction to unfold. Enduring, precise and incredibly powerful. And last, but not least, a listening experience with an originality and neutrality which is utterly faithful to what actually took place in the studio or on stage, whether it’s a violin sonata in minor or a heavy metal guitar riff.

Performance - the building of systems which are the best in their class within the world of Super-Speakers today. Their products adhere faithfully to natural principles and take them to their limits. They surpass physical restrictions by inventing unexplored electronic circuitries, improving each and every component and their interactions within the system to perfection, stripping away as much as possible and, by doing so, gaining so much more.

In just two decades they have made the name of Avantgarde Acoustic™ the voice of the audiophile upper-class.

ZERO Series (Zero TA XD, Zero 1 XD)

Highly integrated, compact and simple and still a veritable horn loudspeaker. Though fascinated, moved and amazed by the larger acoustic transducers for more than 20 years, Avantgarde had always longed to bring to the market a more compact horn loudspeaker to reach a wider audience of audio enthusiasts. This is the long-awaited result. The ZERO 1 opens up a new path with its revolutionary smaller format, a simplified shape, hassle-free setup and fully integrated processor and amplifier technology.

"...These are some of the most entertaining loudspeakers I’ve heard at this or any other price: not entertaining in a comedy way, but simply entertaining to sit in front of and enjoy music through. They are effortless-sounding, and removing the stress from the amplifier makes it shine. Were I not doing the reviewing thing on a daily basis, I’d happily buy a pair of Avantgarde Acoustics Zero – TA and enjoy them for the longest time. I will be suggesting them heavily to anyone who asks, too."  

Alan Sircom, HiFi+ Magazine

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UNO Series (Uno XD, Uno Fino Edition)

A very popular and compact horn speaker with a capital sound performance. It will fit in any living-room producing a breath-taking efficiency of 107 dB, with an active sealed bass module is able to generate a wide and deep soundstage. The way the UNOs reproduce music is so exciting and full of life that soon your will forget the loudspeakers are in the room.

"Opposites are simply fascinating: a compact horn speaker with a superlative sound performance. A distinctly neat product design with lavish, sophisticated technology inside. This summarises the UNO, the unique entry point into the cosmos of  classic horn loudspeaker designs; it’s already made a statement that has very few competitors. Something about this speaker transcended such technical aspects as frequency response, phase response, and dispersion, and allowed it to create an unusually effective impression of music being played live."

Stereophile Magazine

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DUO Series (Duo XD, Duo Mezzo XD)

The sound performance of the DUO has astonished us -  The sound image is very impressive, making the speakers to totally disappear from our demo-room. The sound stage has extremely accurate dimensions, fantastic depth, liveness and height, the accurate positions of each instrument will blow you away as the musicians and singers in the music scene. Basically this speaker accomplishes something difficult to do by any standards. The listener does not only hearing music with the DUOs, but is living it, feeling and seeing the play exactly as it was performed.

Welcome to the freedom and power of choice. The Duo XD is based on the original version of the Duo, a horn system that has been a highly popular member of the product portfolio since 1994. It features the same phenomenal spherical horn assembly, now combined with the significantly more powerful SUB 231 XD subwoofer module. With a different spirit, it is darker, sportier and tauter.

"For those looking for the speed of electrostatic/panel loudspeakers yet with the easy of drive and dynamics of horns, the Avantgarde Acoustic Duos should make your very short list of must audition. " Enjoy the Music.com

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TRIO Series (Trio XD, Trio Classico XD, Trio Luxury)

The virtue of the TRIO is their astonishing dynamic sound. Fast and complex sequences are incredibly precise and totally separated by the speakers, you will feel and hear the differences in air pressure meticulously reproduced in front of you. The purity of the sound all of a sudden grabs you like you were sitting in the first row of a live concert. There is no distortion at high levels, even if you go to 'extremely' high levels. If you then try to listen at low volume you will be for a real treat, as the dynamics of the music will be not flattened or smoothed at all, it will keep performing perfectly. Only after auditioning the TRIO Series will you really understand what this speaker is all about.

The Trio is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating, uncompromising, natural and outstanding speaker systems in the world. It’s unique in its artistic design. It's unique in its craftsmanship. It's unique in its state-of-the-art technology. It's unique in its 'condensed-to-the-max' spherical horn architecture. And last but not least, it's unique in a performance that is almost impossible to describe, transporting the listener to places far beyond everyday life. World off. Music on.

"Obviously the Avantgarde/Trio-G2 system comes with my very highest recommendation - and my genuine applause for all that Holger Fromme, Avantgarde’s CEO, and Matthias Ruff have done to improve these classics. If you like your music big, powerful, detailed, beautiful, and coherent (and you have the space to house them and the money to properly amplify them), the Avantgarde Trio-G2/Basshorns are certainly must-auditions. "

The Absolute Sound

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