Simply put, Analysis Plus is an engineering company which just happens to make world-class cables. 

Analysis Plus Inc. was incorporated in 1993, to provide electrical engineering consulting service to worldwide industrial companies and research institutes. With clients like Airbus, Boeing and NASA to name just a few, they have an extraordinary breadth of engineering and technology experience.

They applied this in-house expertise, combined with cutting-edge electromagnetic software and test equipment to optimise and design the very best cables possible. Their patented hollow oval design gives you performance you can see, hear and measure. 

They have enjoyed well-deserved success with their cables in both professional and home audio—the list of famous musicians who insist on their cables is impressive to say the least, while a growing list of awards has built up from reviews.

Mark Markel and his design team love music and they love the challenge of making sure that what comes out from their cables is exactly what goes in. Nothing lost. Nothing changes. We think their cables are outstanding and we were honoured to be chosen to offer their cables as part of our portfolio.


Analysis+ Gold Oval

The no-compromise, ultimate cable from Analysis Plus, Gold Oval uses pure gold over oxygen-free copper to create a litz wire without equal. It has a hollow oval inside a hollow oval geometry for a faster rise time and better shielding. 100% shielded coverage with a meticulously designed conductive sheath that eliminates microphonic movement noise and a proprietary FEP dielectric which provides the optimal impedance. This cable is a true reference cable for the best systems.

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“This level of sonic synergy put me in a trance-like state making it easier to escape my Manhattan condo and imagine myself at a concert hall listening to a live performance.
It is true that Analysis Plus Golden Oval interconnects and speaker cables are very expensive, but they are worth every penny in my very humble estimation.”
The Stereo Times


YG Acoustics Carmel 2

Analysis+ Silver Oval

A superb cable for high-end systems, Silver Oval is constructed of pure silver over a stabilising strand of oxygen-free copper, woven into a patented hollow oval geometry in an oval-coaxial configuration. This cable is very fast and detailed but without the harshness often associated with silver cables. It brings together airiness and realism with a punch in the low end—accurate reproduction from deepest bass to highest treble.

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“Analysis Plus Silver Oval 2 certainly rank among the finest cables I have heard in this context or any other in my experience. Their overall effect was that of a major source component upgrade like a new amp or DAC…”
Positive Feedback, August 2015
“I’ve never heard a better cable near this price segment. It handily exceeded my expectations. And in my book, that’s the biggest plus of all.”
The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award
YG Acoustics Hailey

Analysis+ Solo Crystal

Revolutionising performance levels at its price level, Solo Crystal can transform the sound of a system. Speaker cable is four 11 gauge continuous cast copper (solo crystal copper) conductors used in a proprietary, braided hollow oval geometry. The matching interconnect uses the same solo crystal copper in a patented hollow oval design put nothing in the way of the musical signal.

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“These are fabulous cables that won't act as filters or tone controls for your equipment, putting forth sound that's as direct and vivid as that of any cables I've used. The fact that they aren't priced anywhere near the top of the heap is a blessing for sure, but don't let their mid-level cost fool you. These are cables with which you can call it quits, no matter the pedigree of your audio system or your tastes.”
Sound Stage
“It's attractive, flexible, solidly built, performs rather indistinguishably against accoladed contenders double its price…”
6 Moons


YG Acoustics Sonja 1.3

Analysis+ Chocolate Oval

Offering extraordinary value, Chocolate Oval provides truly exceptional performance at a very moderate price. It uses oxygen-free copper conductors in a proprietary oval geometry, while a carefully mated low-loss dielectric helps keep noise levels low. It is even in-wall rated, allowing you to enjoy top-rated performance in home integration installations. 

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Analysis+ Power Oval

Analysis Plus revolutionises power cables, with their hollow oval design that uses the conductor more efficiently. From the Ultimate Power Oval for no-compromise systems through to the exceptional value of the Power Oval 10, each takes the power cord to the next level in performance and design.

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Boulder 1000 Series